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Aroma Chemicals

Every day from the time we begin our day – toothpaste, soaps, shampoo to the time we end the day with lighting of Incense-sticks, we use aroma chemicals. A typical fragrance is a blend of multiple aroma chemicals. Privi is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of aroma chemicals.

About 1/3rd of the aroma chemicals produced globally are made from chemicals obtained from a Pine tree. Stems of Pine tree is also used globally as a raw material for making pulp and paper. Chemical building blocks required for making aroma chemicals are thrown out as waste. Privi is one of the 4 global companies, and only Asian company to have developed a process to isolate and purify building blocks. Thus, Privi is fully integrated manufacturer of Pinene based aroma chemical, which currently constitute about 60% of the revenue. In some of the manufacturing processes by-products are formed. Privi works on developing processes to create value added products from these by-products.

Main Product

Purpose of use & Application

Company’s Positioning

  • Dihydromyrcenol is known as "God Molecule" of F&F industry because this product has to be used in 99% of the contemporary perfumes.
  • It is a freshness molecule which is widely used.
  • The product has grown much fatser than the other similar products because of its diffusiveness, performance and price.
  • The industry expects this product to grow further by 7-8% PA.
  • Privi is has reached to the top position in this product.
  • To maintain its position, Privi has further expanded product capacity. Privi has also done backward integration (Turpentine refinery) to secure material (Alpha Pinene).
Amber Fleur 
  • It is a royal molecule of F&F industry because of its unique "Velvetty" nature.
  • This product is used to impart fullness and subtle strength to fragrances, in other words it acts as a booster.
  • The industry expects this product to grow by 5-6% PA.
  • Privi is the one of the top global supplier of the product.
  • To maintain its position, Privi has further expanded product capacity to 4,800 TPA. Privi has also done backward integration (Turpentine refinery) to secure material (Beta Pinene).
Terpineol - Pine Oil 
  • These products are used in Fragrances as well as in Pharma industry.
  • F&F industry consumes about 8,000 TPA Terpineol and 10,000 MT Terpineol is consumed by Pharma industry.
  • Similarly, 5000 MT Pine Oil is used by the fragrance industry and around 14,000 MT is consumed in Pharma industry (for medicinal use).
  • Privi started offering the products since 2017.
  • Targetting Pharma industry, Privi has aquired GMP status for the manufacturing site.
  • Privi is ensuring the fragrance industry about consistent supplies of these products with the backward integration (Tupentine Refinery) ensuring consistent availanbility of the raw material (Alpha Pinene).
  • Privi has developed 2 grades of Terpineol and 4 grades of Pine Oil which has expanded product range and it's usage.
  • These products are used as fillers in maximum fragrances.
  • These products are generally used together. OTBCHA boosts fruity character of fragrance and PTBCHA gives Green freshness.
  • Privi has build a new facility in Gujarat state to manufacture these products wherein Hydrogen gas is readily and consistently available.
  • Privi has increased product capacities to remain as one of the global leader in these 2 products.